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Sitges Surf Club is a club non-profit organization, registered with the Register of Sports associations of the Generalitat of Catalonia  18510. 
With registration entities municipal in Sitges with the number 148.
We are dedicated to initiate, instruct and train children, adolescents and adults in the practice of Surf, Skate and its variants.


Surfing and its variants is a sport that is practiced throughout the year, the best seasons for practice are usually in the spring and fall where the storms of the sea in the background come to the coast with much more force and the waves are of a higher quality.
For this reason, from the club offer courses all the weekends in the mornings and during the week in the evenings, from January to December, all the children and young people. For adults we offer courses in flexible timetables between the partner and the instructor.

after school surf and skate

In season school, from September to June we offer courses of surf and skate schools in the afternoon.
The after-school Skate the offer in the courtyard of the school.
The after-school Surf are made in our facilities of the club.


In the summer season, perform the “Summer Campus” where the children rotated through different activities, all of them related to the initiation of the surf and the skateboard (Paddle Surf, Big SUP, Surf, Pool, LongboardcruiserSkateStreet and Skateboard Pool). The fun, the company, the security, the relations between peers, and the freedom and spend all together in a summer where you can enjoy and learn from the sea, is what you end up remembering the children who attend summer after summer in Sitges Surf Club.

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The school of the club at present, during the period from April to November, is located on the beach of Aiguadolç, where we offer a wide variety of courses that include Surfing, Paddle Surfing, Big SUP, Technical skills in maneuvering of Surfing, among others. In addition, the partners have the opportunity to use the facilities to change yourself, learn and participate in training activities, among other options.

It should be noted that from November to march, all classes and rentals are carried out exclusively by appointment, to the beach of Aiguadolç. This ensures a personalized and efficient management of the activities during the low season.

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